Rent a manned moving lift

At, we specialize in providing an effortless, quick, and cost-effective moving lift rental service nationwide. Our standout feature is the inclusion of a moving lift consistently operated by an exceptionally skilled operator/mover, ensuring the price encompasses comprehensive support. This distinctive approach guarantees you are never faced with the daunting tasks of high-altitude moving alone.

Our clientele appreciates the comfort and professionalism our manned moving lifts, also known as removal lifts, bring to their moving process, offering them peace of mind and ensuring the safety of their valuables. We are dedicated to facilitating a secure and efficient moving experience. Catering to a broad spectrum of customers, our services are designed to meet the needs of both private individuals and corporate entities, ensuring a seamless transition.

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  • Competitive Rates
  • Minimum rental period of one hour
  • Professional lift operator included
  • Additional mover on request
  • Eco-friendly moving lifts
  • Electric moving lift available
  • Assembly moving lift available
  • Last minute service
  • Efficient planning team
  • Standard height reach of 27 meters
  • Lift with height reach of 30 meters on request
  • Mobile pin machine available
  • Permit application service (Amsterdam only)


When you decide to rent a moving lift, also called removal lift, from us, you're embracing much more than the mere convenience of a lift. You're choosing a full-service solution designed to significantly streamline your moving process, anywhere in the Netherlands. Our support transforms your relocation into a less stressful experience, enabling you to concentrate on the positive aspects of starting anew.

Our service is distinguished by offering not only a top-tier moving lift but also the backing of a skilled mover. This expert is prepared to aid you in elevating items to considerable heights, prioritizing safety and efficiency throughout.