Professional removal lifts in Amsterdam and the region

We know what ‘Old Amsterdam moving’ is, hoisting everything up with moving block and hoist rope, fingers crossed that everything stays in place and makes it to the top undamaged. Or else labouring with a group of family and friends (half of whom, of course, at the last minute say they can’t make it) trudging up and down the stairs to get all the heavy articles into the new house, damaging walls and furniture and causing physical pain. Or the delivery service of the large white goods dealer that neatly delivers the heavy washing machine to your doorstep, though you live on the 5th floor, or the delivery service does want to bring it upstairs but it doesn’t fit through the stairwell. Is this the problem you are faced with? We have the solution; you can hire a professional removal lift from us in Amsterdam.

If you would like to easily, economically and quickly hire both a removal lift and an experienced mover, simply contact to hire a removal lift via our telephone number 020-6185328.

We offer low, fixed rates for hiring a removal lift with top-quality included at no extra charge.You can hire a removal lift in Amsterdam, including a removal specialist, for € 98. This includes VAT, fuel and our outstanding service. It is not always easy to lift your large, heavy, expensive furniture.

High stairwells are tiring and can be dangerous. So why not obtain the help of a professional? That's us. Our removal lift can also be ordered last-minute and built up within 5 minutes to carry out your order.

All the benefits of hiring a professional removal lift in Amsterdam at a glance.

  • Environmentally friendly removal lifts
  • Last minute service
  • incl. experienced mover
  • Minimum hiring 1 hour
  • No Cure No Pay quality and delivery guarantee.
  • ATM available
  • inexpensive and fast!

What would you like to hire a removal lift and mover for?

Complete removal                                 

White goods laminate / tiles Gloor covering
Furniture for the roof terrace Lounge suite
Solar panels Building material
Table Construction waste, etc., etc.

Quality and delivery guarantee

Our relocation lift in Amsterdam and the surrounding area can be hired from 1 hour for both business and private customers. Hiring our removal lift involves no additional costs; just a clear-cut price agreement. Thinking of hiring a removal lift at in Amsterdam? We’ll list all the benefits for you once again:

  • An experienced operator comes with the equipment. He helps you operate the removal lift and accomplish the relocation.
  • Our removal lifts are environmentally friendly.
  • You can pay for our services with your PIN card.

In short, our removal lift can lift everything that fits through the window (up to 400 kilos and 27 metres high, 8th floor).