Extra services

Below are the extra services we can provide you with:

Extra mover:
Our removal lift includes an operator/experienced mover. It’s also possible to hire 1 or more extra experienced movers.

Truck with trailer (20m3):
Our removal truck includes a driver, who is also an experienced mover, who will help to make sure your move is professionally executed.
Have your complete move taken care of
You can also arrange for the entire move to be carried out by Huurverhuislift.nl. Ask for a free quotation!

Handyman service
You also have the option of hiring a handyman. A handyman will be able to do the following types of jobs for you:
•    Hang up lights;
•    Hang up paintings;
•    Assemble/disassemble cupboards or wardrobes;
•    Etc.

We also have heated and secure storage facilities available in Amsterdam. These are available from a minimum of 3m3.

Furniture transport
We can also arrange to transport or collect loose items of furniture from a shop, or arrange to have it delivered to our warehouse (Amsterdam or Veenendaal only).
License application
Arrange for your license application to be organised by Huurverhuislift.nl (providing this is required).