Construction companies
Are you a construction business owner? We possess extensive experience working with various regular clients in the construction and real estate sectors. For this industry, our moving lifts can handle items such as plasterboards, fiberglass rolls and sheets, heat pumps, kitchens, bathroom materials, etc.

Building material suppliers
If you're a building material supplier dealing with complex deliveries in urban areas, provides the solution by transporting materials to the correct floor using our moving lifts. We have years of successful collaboration with numerous building material suppliers, ensuring successful deliveries to your clients.

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Our advantages for construction companies:

- Ideal for complete renovations or just a few building materials;
- Suitable for construction waste removal;
- Our lifts have a lifting capacity of up to 400 kg;
- Minimum rental period starts from just 1 hour;
- Setup moving lift available;
- High-altitude assistance by an experienced mover.

Manned moving lifts
Our moving lifts are always operated by an experienced SCC-certified mover, which is a requirement in the construction industry.

We utilize small and agile auto moving lifts, which typically do not require a permit (unlike crane trucks, for example).


With 4 branches and 12 moving lifts, we have the flexibility to accept and successfully complete even last-minute assignments. We nearly always meet the agreed-upon schedule. Contact us to explore the possibilities at +3188-6185300 or, or directly request a no-obligation quote through our business inquiry form.