About us

We know what “traditional Dutch removals” are all about, up and down the stairs, with boxes which are far too heavy, back pain, damage to belongings and walls, without even mentioning all that “help” which decides to cry off at the last minute. Or the fantastic delivery service of your new sofa or washing machine, which delivers everything neatly to your doorstep, whilst it actually has to go up three flights of stairs. We offer the perfect solution to these problems and have several removal lifts which have put an end to hoisting all those heavy items up and down the stairs throughout the whole of the Netherlands. Our expert and experienced removal lift operators/movers will assist with your move to such an extent that you can get through it completely carefree. In addition to a great deal of experience, they naturally also have HSE (VCA) and Removal Lifts certificates.

Our removal lift operators/movers don't just operate the lift, but will also help with the actual move, giving you that little bit extra. We know exactly what’s needed to quickly, effectively and carefully organise the entire move, as we have been specialised in the renting out of removal lifts since 1989, but we can certainly also help you with a single fridge, washing machine or antique piece of furniture. You will often even be able to hire a removal lift from us with very little notice! We see sustainability and a healthy environment as being of the utmost importance, which is why our removal lifts are mounted to the very latest Euro-5 cars, allowing us to keep the CO2 emissions to an absolute minimum. Huurverhuislift is the absolute professional where removals are concerned and specialises in the renting out and operating of removal lifts. We work carefully & responsibly, making sure we can always be proud of our service and quality!
Would you also like an easy and carefree move with expert assistance? Then complete our no-obligation application form, or leave us with your telephone number and we will contact you within one working day!

This is why you should choose us:
•    Hiring a removal lift will include an expert operator/mover, who will assist you with the entire move  and includes fuel
•    All our prices include VAT
•    We have a large rotating and folding turntable, loadable up to 400 kg
•    The removal lifts we rent out can reach up to 27 meters in height
•    We have several, powerful Böcker removal lifts ready to be of service, so you’ve also come to the right place for urgent and last-minute jobs
•    We have acquired a great deal of experience and knowledge where removals are concerned, we will treat all your belongings responsibly and with the greatest possible care
•    Fast set up and dismantling time, the hired lift can be ready for you in 5 minutes
•    It goes without saying our removal lifts will come with everything needed to safely get your belongings upstairs as standard: including straps, removal lift blankets, tools and foil for wrapping your furniture in.