Permit moving lift Amsterdam

Permanent permit for our moving lifts
In Amsterdam, moving and parking in the narrow streets of the city center can be a real challenge. has the solution! With our agile moving lifts, we can usually easily stand in front of your door. For operating moving lifts, has a permanent permit for each moving lift. However, we are not allowed to block the road and traffic.

Additional permit (TVM) needed when obstructing traffic
If we cannot stand on the sidewalk, a bike path, or a parking spot with the moving lift, you may need an additional permit to temporarily obstruct traffic. This so-called Temporary Traffic Measure (TVM) can be applied for at the Municipality of Amsterdam. We can also assist you with the application for a fee. Please keep in mind that the application with the Municipality of Amsterdam takes at least 10 working days and entails significant costs (see TVM information).

Is a TVM necessary for you?
To determine whether a Temporary Traffic Measure (TVM) is necessary for you, we can first look at Google Maps with you. We then try to estimate based on the street view whether we need to block the through road during the lift or not.

Shopping streets and markets
If you live in a busy shopping street or at a market in Amsterdam, you are usually allowed to load and unload (and thus also operate the moving lift) without a TVM at certain times. The rules vary by district. Always inquire with the municipality if in doubt.

We can also come to you to view the location on-site. For only €45,- (including VAT), we offer this preliminary inspection, where we assess the location and provide you with advice. Such an assessment can save you considerably, sometimes up to €300,- in permit costs. With our help, you can move without worry, avoiding the risk of traffic fines and with minimal disruption to public space.

All the benefits of at a glance:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Minimum rental period of one hour
  • Professional lift operator included
  • Additional mover on request
  • Eco-friendly moving lifts
  • Electric moving lift available
  • Assembly moving lift available
  • Last minute service
  • Efficient planning team
  • Standard height reach of 27 meters
  • Lift with height reach of 30 meters on request
  • Mobile pin machine available
  • Permit application service (Amsterdam only)


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Ensure a safe and efficient move without the stress of working at heights alone.