Permit moving lift Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, moving and parking in the narrow streets of the city center can be quite challenging. However, has the solution! With our moving lifts, we can easily reach high windows and rooftop terraces. When you choose to move with, you don't need to worry about obtaining a permit. We have a special permit that allows us to park on the sidewalk anywhere in Amsterdam. Additionally, when you rent a moving lift from us, you always get an experienced operator who remains calm and composed under all circumstances. If you need to rent a moving lift in Amsterdam, we are here to assist you. Look at our rates

It is important to note that blocking traffic is not allowed, so there should be enough space for other vehicles to pass. If there is limited space available, it is possible to have the parking spots near your home reserved. In this case, you will be responsible for paying the parking fees.

Our process:

  • If you want to reserve a parking spot, you need to provide us with the house number and the numbers of the parking spots that need to be kept free.
  • The cost of the reservation needs to be paid in advance, and we will handle the application for you.
  • It is also possible to have an expert from assess your moving situation. Please note that this service is only available in Amsterdam.

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We offer fixed and low rates for renting a moving lift, and our excellent service comes included. You don't need a permit. Renting a moving lift in Amsterdam, including a assisting mover, starts from €98 per hour. This price includes VAT, fuel, and our excellent service.

Whether you have heavy, large, or valuable furniture pieces, or precious art objects, we can handle them without any issues. prevents difficult situations in narrow staircases, ensuring that your move is pleasant and professional. Our strong moving lifts can be ordered last-minute and can be set up within 5 minutes to carry out your task. Request a cheap and strong moving lift now, with no obligations!

Quality and Delivery Guarantee

  • From € 98 per hour incl. VAT
  • Environmentally friendly removal lifts
  • Last minute service
  • incl. experienced mover
  • No Cure No Pay quality and delivery guarantee.