What is a moving lift?

A moving lift, also referred to as removal lift, ladder lift or furniture lift, is a lift which is used to raise or lower large, heavy or a large number of items. A moving lift from Huurverhuislift.nl can be used instead of endlessly traipsing up and down the stairs with heavy loads. This means all items, up to a total of 400kg, can be effortlessly moved up or down to as far as the 8th floor (27 meters) using the moving lift and subsequently just as easily raised up again using the moving lift at the new location, if so required.

How much does it cost to hire a moving lift from Huurverhuislift.nl?

At Huurverhuislift.nl, you can rent a moving lift without any additional hidden fees. We offer moving lift rentals starting at €102 per hour, VAT included, which also covers the services of an experienced and assisting mover/operator. For rentals within our main locations in Amsterdam, The Hague, Veenendaal, and Weesp, the charge is only €0.24 per km. If you're looking to rent a lift outside these areas, we offer competitive rates at €0.80 per km.

Say goodbye to unexpected costs with a clear quote upfront. You can easily request this no-obligation quote through the request form on the left side of our website.

Visit our rates page to see all our prices.

Can I request a no-obligation quote from Huurverhuislift.nl?

Absolutely, this option is available for both individuals and businesses. By completing the form, you will receive a suitable and completely non-binding quote via email.

Can I reserve a moving lift without knowing the exact delivery time of my order?

It's a common scenario where you only receive the exact delivery time for your purchased items (often furniture or appliances) a day before their arrival. This leads to inquiries about the possibility of reserving a moving lift in advance for the scheduled day. Indeed, this is both possible and advisable. By doing so, we can accommodate your needs in our planning and gather all necessary information beforehand. Consequently, we can dispatch a moving lift to your location as soon as one becomes available on the designated day. You can opt to reserve a moving lift for the day in question with us.

To maximize your chances of a moving lift being readily available, we recommend attempting to schedule your delivery with the supplier for the afternoon. Once you have confirmed the exact time, please immediately contact us at Huurverhuislift.nl via
+3188-6185300. This will enable us to coordinate the moving lift's arrival with that of your supplier.

Alternatively, you can facilitate direct communication between us and your supplier. This allows for more precise coordination, enabling us to directly confirm the date and time with your supplier, ensuring smoother operations.

Can I also rent a moving lift urgently or at the last minute?

Do you need a moving lift urgently or at the last minute? No worries, at Huurverhuislift.nl, we understand that some situations require quick action. For urgent or last-minute requests, please call: +3188-6185300.

Whether it’s due to an unexpected move or furniture that won’t fit through the stairwell, we are ready to assist you promptly and efficiently. Our flexible service allows you to rent a moving lift on very short notice, complete with an experienced operator for safe and effortless lifting to great heights. Our quick response times and reliable service ensure that your last-minute needs are met without any hassle. Opt for Huurverhuislift.nl for your urgent moving lift requirements.

Do I need a permit for the moving lift?

Generally, no permit is required for our moving lifts because they are designed to be compact and maneuverable, allowing us to operate without blocking the road and thus eliminating the need for a permit (unlike large crane trucks).

However, should there be a need to block a thoroughfare during busy times, a permit known as a Temporary Traffic Measure (Tijdelijke Verkeersmaatregel/TVM in Dutch) is usually required. Huurverhuislift.nl can facilitate the application of this permit on your behalf for a smooth and safe lifting operation (available only in Amsterdam).

For more information about permit applications visit our permit page

What's the difference between a moving lift, removal lift, furniture lift and ladder lift?

There is no difference between a moving lift, removal lift, furniture lift, and ladder lift. These terms are synonymous, referring to the same equipment used to move heavy items to and from higher floors during a move or furniture delivery.

However, an assembly moving lift (opbouwverhuislift) differs as it is not mounted on a vehicle. Instead, it is manually assembled and is especially useful for hard-to-reach areas such as gardens, alleys, and indoor spaces. This distinction is crucial for those planning a move or delivery in locations where traditional lifts may not be suitable.

What is an assembly moving lift?

An assembly lift is a type of elevator that is not mounted on a vehicle. It requires manual assembly and is designed for use in hard-to-reach areas, such as gardens, alleys, and indoor locations. This makes it an ideal solution for transporting goods or materials in spaces where traditional lifting equipment cannot access.

The assembly lift boasts a maximum height reach of up to 13 meters and can carry loads up to 150 kg. This combination of height and weight capacity makes it incredibly versatile for a wide range of tasks, from construction projects to moving heavy items within a home.

When should you consider renting a moving lift?

Renting a moving lift is highly recommended if you need to transfer numerous items to or from an upper floor without the hassle of repeatedly navigating stairs. It's also crucial when your belongings are too large or awkwardly shaped to fit through the staircase or the building's elevator.

Utilizing a moving lift can significantly speed up the moving process, whether you're relocating items up or down. One of the key benefits of renting from us is that our moving lifts come with the assistance of a skilled and cooperative moving lift operator. This professional support ensures that your move is efficient, safe, and tailored to accommodate the unique challenges of transporting your possessions.

Is it important to specify what items I plan to lift in my rental request?

Yes, specifying the items you plan to lift in your rental request is crucial. At Huurverhuislift.nl, this information allows us to provide you with a tailored and precise quote, ensuring you never overpay. Experience shows that customers often overestimate the time required to lift multiple pieces of furniture or other objects. By clearly communicating your needs to us, we can accurately estimate the time needed for your job and send you a fitting, no-obligation quote. This approach ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness in meeting your lifting needs.

What can be lifted with a moving lift?

Wondering what items can be effortlessly elevated with a moving lift? The answer is quite extensive, as long as it adheres to the lift's capacity of up to 400 kilograms and can be accommodated within a maximum height of 27 meters (with a 30-meter moving lift available upon request). The only other requirement is that the item fits through a window or balcony space.

Our moving lift service offers a flexible solution for a variety of lifting needs, including but not limited to:

- Complete home relocations: effortlessly move your entire household with our reliable lift service.
- Furniture (single or multiple items): whether it's a beloved sofa or a full dining set, we've got you covered.
- Kitchens and countertops: upgrade your kitchen with ease, from cabinets to countertops.
- Appliances/White goods: safely elevate refrigerators, washing machines, and more without the hassle.
- Artwork: Trust us to handle your valuable art with the care it deserves.
- Rooftop furniture: transform your rooftop space with new furnishings, no stair climbing needed.
- Solar panels: elevate your energy efficiency with our help in installing solar panels.
- Construction materials: get your building supplies where they need to go, quickly and safely.
- Construction waste: remove debris efficiently from any height.
- Flooring (laminate, tiles, carpeting): update your floors without the heavy lifting.

And much more. If it fits the criteria, we can lift it. Our moving lift service is designed to provide convenience, efficiency, and safety for a wide range of lifting needs, from residential moves to commercial projects. Experience the ease of moving with our professional lift services, tailored to meet the demands of any task, big or small.

What preparations should I make before your arrival for a move?

To ensure a smooth and efficient moving process, we recommend reserving two parking spots directly below your window. This positioning allows us to set up the moving lift directly in front of your house, minimizing traffic disruption.

Additionally, please prepare the window area by clearing it or removing the window itself, if feasible (we can assist with this task if needed).

The only other preparation required from you is to have all items intended for lifting ready to go. We provide blankets to securely transport your belongings on the moving lift, ensuring they are moved safely and without damage. By following these simple steps, you can facilitate a seamless and hassle-free moving experience.

What happens if the task takes longer than expected?

In the event that a project unexpectedly extends beyond the anticipated timeframe, we are prepared to extend the duration of the task, provided that our scheduling permits. At Huurverhuislift.nl, we operate a fleet of multiple moving lifts, significantly increasing the likelihood that we can accommodate such extensions. Our flexible approach ensures that we can adapt to unforeseen circumstances, maintaining the continuity and efficiency of your move.

What is the load capacity of a moving lift?

Our moving lifts at Huurverhuislift.nl boast an impressive load capacity of up to 400KG, making them the perfect choice for nearly any move. Whether it's large pieces of furniture, household appliances, or moving boxes, our lifts are up to the task, as long as the items can fit through a window or onto a balcony.

The flexibility and strength of our moving lifts mean you won't have to worry about how to transport your heaviest possessions to your new home. With our service, you can rest assured that almost anything that fits through a window or onto a balcony can be safely and efficiently lifted to any desired floor. This not only eliminates the physical effort and time required to carry heavy items up stairs but also minimizes the risk of damage to your belongings or the staircase.

What are the dimensions of a moving lift?

Below, you will find the specifications of our moving lifts:

- Length: 6 meters
- Width: 2.80 meters (with mirrors extended)
- Drive-through Height: 2.80 meters

Platform/Container Dimensions (Rotatable):
- Extended: 270 x 180 centimeters
- Container: 150 x 90 centimeters

- Mast Height: Up to 30 meters
- Unladen Vehicle Weight: 3500 kilograms

These specifications ensure our moving lifts can accommodate a wide range of items, from furniture to appliances, facilitating their transport to elevated floors. The combination of a high mast and a spacious, rotatable platform provides flexibility for various moving needs, ensuring your items are lifted safely and efficiently to your new home or office.

How high can a moving lift reach?

At our rental service, we offer moving lifts capable of reaching up to 27 meters in height, equivalent to approximately 8 floors. Additionally, at our Veenendaal location, we have a lift that can extend up to 30 meters. It's crucial to understand that the higher the lift is required to reach, the closer it must be positioned to the building.

Can a moving lift be safely positioned against a glass balcony?

Yes, it is possible to use a moving lift against a glass balcony, as Huurverhuislift.nl provides a special glass plank designed for this purpose. However, there are occasions when we must position the lift further from the building, increasing the pressure against the glass balcony and thus the risk of breakage. For such instances, Huurverhuislift.nl has developed the so-called "glass balcony support" (glazenbalkonbok), which requires assembly by two of our staff members.

If you have a glass balcony, please mention this when making your request. We can then review the situation via Google Maps to propose a suitable solution.

Is it possible to order trackway panels for the moving lift?

Are you looking to enhance your moving experience with added stability? At Huurverhuislift.nl, we offer the option to order trackway panels alongside your rental moving lift. These panels provide a solid foundation for the moving lift, enabling it to operate seamlessly on grassy terrains or uneven surfaces. For further details, please reach out to us at info@huurverhuislift.nl.

Is It possible to operate a moving lift by yourself?

At our company, we exclusively rent out moving lifts accompanied by a working operator or an experienced mover, ensuring you never have to operate a moving lift on your own.

When organizing your move, it's essential to consider not just the transportation of your belongings but also the safety and efficiency of the process. Therefore, our moving lift rental service goes beyond merely providing the lift; we offer an unmatched service that encompasses comprehensive support throughout your move. We recognize that operating a moving lift requires specialized knowledge. Hence, we ensure that each lift is accompanied by a working operator—a seasoned mover with expertise in safely and effectively handling the equipment at significant heights.

By having a professional expert by your side, familiar with all the nuances of working with a moving lift, we not only guarantee the safety of your valuable items but also a smooth and secure moving experience.

Can businesses rent a moving lift from your company?

At Huurverhuislift.nl, we understand the unique lifting and delivery needs of businesses, ranging from furniture transport to construction supplies. That's why we offer flexible and dependable on-site moving lift services, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business. Our experience spans a wide array of industries, including furniture transport companies, kitchen suppliers, construction firms, logistics companies, and styling agencies.

By filling out our business quote form, you'll promptly receive a tailored quote for a moving lift service designed to suit your business needs. With the option to work on an invoicing basis, we streamline the administrative process for you. You can start working on an invoice basis immediately after your first request is approved.

The reliability of our moving lift service is backed by our commitment to punctuality. We ensure our moving lifts are always on time, minimizing any unnecessary delays for your team. This reliability is achieved through our extensive fleet of moving lifts and a versatile team, ready to handle urgent or last-minute requests.

Choose Huurverhuislift.nl for a smooth, efficient, and reliable moving lift service that's specifically designed to meet the logistical needs of your business. With our support, every move or delivery becomes a seamless and stress-free process.

Does Huurverhuislift.nl work a lot with foreign companies?

Yes, at Huurverhuislift.nl, we collaborate with a variety of businesses, including moving companies, furniture transporters, and kitchen suppliers. Our partnerships extend to both local and international companies, many of which operate in English-speaking markets. This diverse collaboration ensures we can meet a wide range of needs for our clients.

Does your planning department speak English?

Yes, our planning team at Huurverhuislift.nl speaks English. We ensure that all our staff, including those in the planning department, can communicate effectively in English to assist our clients without any language barriers.

How to rent a moving lift for your needs?

For a seamless moving experience, our moving lift is available for rent on an hourly basis, accompanied by an expert mover to assist with your needs. To arrange for a moving lift, you can easily request our service in several ways: by filling out the request form (located on the left side of our website for desk top) or the qoute form (for businesses), by opting for a callback request using the red button found on our homepage, by e-mailing to info@huurverhuislift.nl or by calling us directly during office hours at +3188-6185300. This number is also your go-to for urgent or last-minute moving lift needs, ensuring we’re always ready to assist you promptly and efficiently. 

What are Huurverhuislift.com’s contact details?

Huurverhuislift.nl's headquarters are conveniently located at Abberdaan 192, 1046 AB in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. For all inquiries, including bookings and questions, please reach out to us via our general phone number: +3188-6185300. This number serves as the central point of contact for all our services. If you require the direct contact details of our branches, please visit the contact page on our website.

For email communication, you can contact us at info@huurverhuislift.nl. We pride ourselves on our prompt response to emails on business days, ensuring your queries are addressed without delay.

Additionally, both individuals and businesses can request a no-obligation quote directly through our website. For personal inquiries or to get a quote, please use the form located on the left side of the page. This streamlined process is designed to make your experience with us as smooth and efficient as possible.