What is a removal lift?

A removal lift, sometimes also referred to as a ladder lift or furniture lift, is a lift which is used to raise or lower large, heavy or a large number of items. A removal lift from Huurverhuislift.nl can be used instead of endlessly traipsing up and down the stairs with heavy loads. This means all items, up to a total of 400kg, can be effortlessly moved up or down to as far as the 9th floor (27 meters) using the removal lift and subsequently just as easily raised up again using the removal lift at the new location, if so required.

Is it possible for customers to operate the removal lift themselves?

We only rent out removal lifts with an operator/experienced mover, making sure you will never need to operate the removal lift yourself. No need to work your way through manuals or worry about accidents as a result of a lack of experience, but instead a real experienced expert by your side, who is completely au fait with all the ins and outs of lifting with a removal lift.

How much does it cost to hire a removal lift from Huurverhuislift.com?

You can hire a removal lift from Huurverhuislift without incurring any additional charges. You can hire a removal lift for as little as € 98,- per hour including VAT, including an experienced mover/operator. Plus we don't charge any call-out charges for Amsterdam. Would you like to hire a lift outside of this location? No problem! In that case our charge will be €0.51 per km. No unexpected costs, but a clear price agreement.

What is the removal lift’s load capacity?

The removal lifts you can hire from us all have a maximum load capacity of 400kg.

Can I hire a removal lift from you as a company too?

Yes, that’s possible. We are very flexible and can also provide you with assistance during your move, or with loose items of furniture as a company. Our removal lifts always include an operator/experienced mover. We have different options and rates for companies, please do contact us if you would like more detailed information.

How high can a removal lift reach?

The removal lifts we rent out can all reach a maximum height of 27 meters, which is approximately 9 floors.

What’s the best way of hiring a removal lift?

Our removal lift can be hired per hour and can be requested via our website, a callback request, or by telephone during office hours via: 088 6185300. Are you already a customer of ours? Then you can reach Huurverhuislift.nl 24/7.

What are Huurverhuislift.com’s contact details?

Huurverhuislift.nl’s head office is located at Abberdaan 192, 1046 AB in Amsterdam. You can contact us by telephone via our general number 088-6185300, or you can email us via info@Huurverhuislift.nl. We will immediately reply to your email on weekdays.