Assembly moving lifts

The Perfect Solution for Tight Spaces!

In need of a moving lift but unable to accommodate a traditional vehicle-mounted one due to obstacles like trees or deep gardens around your property? offers the solution with our assembly or garden moving lifts. Designed for use in both front and back gardens as well as indoors, these lifts are capable of handling up to 150 kg and reaching heights of up to 13 meters.

Our assembly moving lifts are typically installed and dismantled by two of our skilled team members. For operations extending to the first floor, a single team member generally handles both setup and teardown. Payment can conveniently be made via our mobile pin machine upon completion.

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Tailored Advice

For each project requiring a moving lift, we provide the option to consult Google Maps with you to determine the most suitable solution: either a vehicle-mounted moving lift or a assembly moving lift. This approach enables us to offer the optimal solution based on our extensive experience and contribution to various client projects over the years. We are committed to ensuring you receive the best possible advice.

About us is your trusted partner for all your lifting needs. With years of experience in deploying both traditional and assembly moving lifts, we offer affordable rental solutions for manned moving lifts. The advantage of a manned lift is the support from an experienced mover, which our customers find incredibly reassuring, adding a level of calm and professionalism to the lifting process. We prioritize safety and serve both businesses and private individuals.