Permit application for Amsterdam

Principally exempt from permits

Our moving lifts are designed to be compact and maneuverable, allowing them to be deployed in many cases without the need for a permit, unlike the use of large crane trucks. This represents a significant advantage of our service, ensuring your tasks proceed smoothly and without unnecessary delays.

Location assessment

However, moving in the heart of Amsterdam, with its characteristic canals and narrow streets, can present challenges due to the congestion. Cars, scooters, and cyclists constantly move through these areas, complicating the use of moving lifts. For those living in such vibrant neighborhoods, we offer to personally assess whether a moving lift can be safely deployed. There might be situations where the moving lift can only be safely used by blocking the road, which would require a permit. Sometimes, just reserving parking spots might be sufficient.

For only €45,- (including VAT), we offer a preliminary inspection to assess the location and provide advice. Such an assessment could save you up to €300,- in permit costs. With our assistance, you can move worry-free, avoiding the risk of traffic fines and minimizing disruption to public spaces.

Need a permit?

If blocking the thoroughfare at a busy time becomes necessary, a permit, known as a Temporary Traffic Measure (Tijdelijke Verkeersmaatregel, TVM), is usually required. can apply for this on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free and safe move. If you wish to use this service or are interested in an on-site inspection, please contact our general planning at

Optimize your moving experience in Amsterdam with's efficient, permit-savvy moving lift solutions. Reach out today for seamless, expert assistance tailored to the unique demands of Amsterdam's lively streets.

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