Removal lifts in Delft

A complete move in Delft? Or a completely new inventory? Need help with lifting furniture and other items? Then you've come to the right place at in Delft.

Moving with means a stress-free move. For over 25 years, we have been providing moving services to individuals and businesses in Delft and North Holland. When you're moving, it's not always easy to lift your furniture, etc. Going down and up stairs with heavy boxes is hard work and not good for your back. Is there a solution for this? Absolutely, and we offer it as a rental service for moving lifts in Delft. During the years we helped thousands of people with moving. Look up our references.

It's not always easy to lift your heavy, large, and expensive furniture. The high staircases can be exhausting and dangerous. So why not seek the help of a professional? That's where we come in.

Our moving lift can be ordered last-minute and can be set up within 5 minutes to carry out your job.

Request a cheap moving lift for the Leiden region now, without any obligation! See frequently asked questions.

All advantages of renting a professional moving lift in Delft

  • Competitive Rates
  • Environmentally friendly removal lifts
  • Last minute service
  • incl. experienced mover
  • No Cure No Pay quality and delivery guarantee.

You can rent the moving lift for various purposes, including:

Complete household moves: Beds, furniture, appliances, carpets, tables, sofas, etc.

Transporting white goods: Refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc.

Flooring materials: Laminate, tiles, etc.

Moving furniture for rooftop terraces: Outdoor furniture, lounge chairs, tables, etc.

Handling solar panels for installation or removal.

Transporting building materials: Bricks, lumber, pipes, etc.

Moving heavy items such as tables and cabinets.

Disposing of construction waste: Debris, rubble, etc.

Quality and Delivery Guarantee

Our moving lift in Delft and the surrounding areas can be rented for both commercial and residential customers, starting from just 1 hour. There are no additional hidden costs when renting our moving lift, as we believe in transparent pricing agreements. See more about our working method.

If you're considering renting a moving lift from in Delft, here's a summary of all the benefits:

  1. Experienced operator: You will be provided with a skilled operator who will assist you in operating the moving lift and with the overall moving process.

  2. Environmentally friendly: Our moving lifts are designed to be environmentally friendly, reducing emissions and minimizing our ecological footprint.

  3. Convenient payment: We offer the option to conveniently pay for our services using a debit card, allowing for a hassle-free transaction.

By choosing, you can enjoy the expertise of our operators, environmentally conscious solutions, and convenient payment methods. When you want more services, like an extra mover, a truck with trailer or our handyman service, click here.

In summary, we can lift anything that fits through the window with our moving lift (up to 400 kilograms and 30 meters high, 10th floor).