Rent a construction lift in Amsterdam

When you need to rent a construction lift in Amsterdam and its surroundings, is your partner of choice. Our construction lift can be rented as a goods and materials lift. The lift consists of separate parts that can be assembled anywhere, even indoors or in tight spaces. Our experienced mover ensures a quick and safe setup of the construction lift. Our construction lifts have a reach of up to 11 meters in height. In Amsterdam, there are often narrow or difficult-to-reach locations, such as narrow alleys, buildings obstructed by posts, or underground parking garages. Our construction lifts are ideal for such situations. We only require a standard power supply (220V) to operate the lift.

By renting a construction lift, you reduce unnecessary physical strain, as the lift handles the heavy lifting for you. At, we are pleased to provide you with expert advice for all your business projects. If you're unsure about the type of lift to rent in the Amsterdam region for your job, our experienced rental staff is ready to assist you with advice. You can also find helpful information on what to consider when renting a construction lift.

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All about our construction lifts

Renting a construction lift is ideal for tight spaces and hard-to-reach buildings. By using a construction lift, we can safely transport your belongings.

When to rent a construction lift in Amsterdam?
Renting a construction lift is beneficial when moving in the narrow city center, renovating your building, or installing a new kitchen, for example. You can also rent a construction lift from us for renovation work on your own property or your clients' properties.

How to assemble a construction lift?
There are several standard steps involved in setting up a construction lift by our professionals in Amsterdam or the surrounding area. We assess the surroundings of the construction lift before starting the assembly. If necessary, we may block traffic and ensure that no children are nearby during the lifting process.

Safety is of paramount importance when we deploy the construction lift. Our professionals monitor the maximum load during transportation. We do not allow the transportation of people. We will not exceed the maximum height of 13 meters. Additionally, we always take wind conditions into account for your safety, the safety of the surrounding area in Amsterdam, and the safety of the equipment. Lastly, it is important that no one stands under the lift during its use. We place cones as safety signals when necessary.

All advantages of renting a construction lift Amsterdam:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Minimum rental period of one hour
  • Professional lift operator included
  • Additional mover on request
  • Efficient planning team
  • Hight of construction lift: 13 meters
  • Maximum weight of construction lift: 150 kg
  • Mobile pin machine available
  • Permit application service (Amsterdam only)

Commercial relocation

Are you planning a commercial relocation and in need of a construction lift? provides solutions for your commercial relocation in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Over the years, we have assisted numerous businesses with the rental of construction lifts and removal lifts. has grown to become one of the largest construction lift rental companies in the Netherlands. With four locations throughout the country offering construction lifts for rent, we have the flexibility to take on last-minute projects and successfully execute them. This allows us to meet the planned timelines in almost all cases in Amsterdam and the wider area. Look at our references.

Furniture storage
It is also possible to have your commercial furniture delivered to our storage facility and arrange for delivery on a date and time that is most convenient for you. We can also accommodate evening deliveries upon agreement. For storage-related tasks in the Amsterdam area, we have secure and heated warehouses available.

Renting a construction lift
We transport a dismantlable construction lift to your desired location, throughout Amsterdam. The construction lift provides a safe working environment and can be quickly assembled by our team. That's why many businesses choose to rent a construction lift with a professional operator in the Amsterdam area.

Renting a Professional Construction Lift in Amsterdam has a large fleet of construction lifts for the Amsterdam region. Our lifts have proven their quality and reliability in hundreds of projects. We prioritize the seamless functioning of our construction lifts, and upon installation, our professionals ensure a safe working environment. This means you don't have to worry. We work safely, or we don't work at all.

For every project where you want to rent a construction lift in Amsterdam and the surrounding area, we collaborate with you to assess the logistics requirements of your project. Together, we evaluate the most efficient solution, taking into account factors such as construction flows, power supply, planning, and the duration of the construction operation. Sustainable use of equipment is crucial to us. Based on this information, we can offer you the best solution. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience and have contributed to numerous projects for various clients. We would be happy to provide you with the assurance of the right solution. Read more about our working method


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